Exporting A Mercedes-Benz to Kenya

Mercedes-Benz Export

Our advanced export options mean that shipping to Africa is far easier than you might imagine – and getting your ideal high quality used Mercedes-Benz to you in Kenya is simple, secure and timely. In addition, by importing an EU car you benefit from an immediate cost saving of 20% VAT on all qualifying vehicles, making this a compelling vehicle purchase options

Where do we ship in Kenya?

Our flexible export options mean that wherever you are in Kenya, we ship to a port near you. From Felixstowe in Kent our partners go directly to the most popular Kenyan port - Mombasa.

The shipping itself takes 21 days or more from port to port, and all complicated elements are handled by the shipping agent to offer you real ease and convenience – exactly how the experience of buying your quality Mercedes-Benz should be!


  • Age Limit: In 2015 only vehicles manufactured in the year 2008 and onwards will be allowed to be imported into Kenya
  • Left Hand Drive Vehicles: All left hand drive vehicles are not allowed for registration unless they have a special purpose.
  • Road Worthiness: All motor vehicles imported into Kenya must be inspected prior to shipment by JEVIC or QISJ for road worthiness.
  • Specific documents are required.


We choose to ship via Roll On Roll Off (RoRo), a method designed specifically for the transportation of wheeled cargo such as your pride and joy. These advanced ships offer the latest technology and security, as well as more convenience that traditional cargo vessels.

For the cost of RoRo shipping to Kenya please call. 

Shippers and Agents

To ensure efficiency, professionalism, timeliness and everything else you’d expect from a vehicle export service, we work with a specific range of partners and agents. 

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Customer Review

 Fantastic service from start to finish when I bought my CLS63 AMG from MB Brent Park excellent and friendly customer service even received a follow up call today asking how my service was.

Tim Howes

 I was recommended by a family or friend to buy my new car from here and I'm very pleased I did so. Couldn't believe the high volume of cars available to view. Would now recommend others to purchase from MB Brent Park in London 

Dilan Tony

 Sales advisor Mahdi was fantastic. Gave me honest opinion regarding the cars I had chosen to test drive. Making my decision a lot easier when choosing between them. Very knowledgeable and didn't feel pressured in to purchasing 

Laura Gurr